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Adobe Business Catalyst for Web Developers

Adobe’s Business Catalyst is a tool that enables a unified platform where you are the host. This allows you to work in an editing environment that you are comfortable in. Using Business Catalyst, you may create multiple sites in order to take care of the client requirements.

Partners Wanted

Adobe saw the value in Business Catalyst in 2010 with their purchase of the SAAS and has continued to improve it, featuring it in their 2012 Adobe Max keynote and including it as a major part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Now is a great time to join the partner program with adobe and Moss Media is here to help you make the most of it. We can guide you down the right path to becoming profitable with Business Catalyst from the start and offer you a discount on your partner signup.

What You Can Do With Business Catalyst

Business Catalyst effectively removes any required server side coding. It can be used to perform a number of tasks such as managing websites, marketing through online platforms such as email and creating a customer database that acts as a platform to build websites for clients. Combine that with a strong web app engine and there are a lot of possibilites you can offer your clients with little to no coding.

Why It Helps Businesses

It is difficult for many businesses to understand and manage their websites. Business Catalyst, with everything in one concept, makes it easier to manage than using five or more different systems. You still have to learn one system, but once the fundamentals of the system are learned it makes it easier to learn the other modules.

Why It Helps Your Business

Agencies using Business Catalyst will find it easier to manage a large portfolio of web sites through the Business Catalyst Partner Portal. It also offers a great platform to build your business building frameworks for you and/or other partners to purchase from you.

Find more information at Adobe Business Catalyst's partner program website. Then contact us for more information and for a discount before signing up as a partner.