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Business Catalyst Development

We offer website development based on Adobe’s Content Management System (CMS) - Business Catalyst. We utilize the strengths of this versatile and powerful website design and development solution to add online marketing and various other functionalities to your business website. Catering to different industries, Business Catalyst provides an integrated platform to build and develop almost everything from travel websites to e-commerce stores online.

Website development is a continuously evolving process. Changing technology, business requirements, and consumer responses cause websites to adapt to emerging trends accordingly. So, it’s important that your business website is easily editable to incorporate new technology and welcome new features or functionalities. Websites designed and developed using Business Catalyst are easy to modify, so that you always stay ahead of time.

Business Catalyst Features

Business Catalyst provides an array of superlative web-building and development features as given below.

  • Easy Management of Content

    Arguably the most easy-to-use Content Management System, Business Catalyst allows for simple and complete management of content on your business website. You can discard the restrictive template-based approach of other content management solutions to building professional websites, and embrace the freedom to choose between your own codes (CSS/ HTML) and templates.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features such as user-friendly redirects, URLs that are easy to remember, and meta tags that you can customize according to your business are offered to help you climb up the search rankings.

    There’s also the possibility of building and developing websites for mobile-based platforms. You can simply assign variations for smartphones and tablets with jQuery and HTML5.

  • No Transitions Needed Between Front-End and Back-End Programmers

    There’s no need for any transitioning between programmers working on the interface side of the design process, and those assigned with the server part of the job. In Business Catalyst development, the entire job can be done by developers working with user interface, i.e. JavaScript, CSS, and HTML developers.

  • Create and Run an Online E-Commerce Store with Complete Ease

    If you have been putting off launching your online e-commerce store because of technical difficulties in starting and managing the business, you are going to love Business Catalyst. It makes building and managing an online store an absolute walk-in-the-park. Providing easy integration for cataloging, management of orders, billing, and tracking accounts, it’s the perfect solution for your e-commerce needs.

  • Send Newsletters to Target Audiences

    Emails can help you forge enduring business relationships with your present and prospective customers. Business Catalyst comes with an inbuilt capability to send emails to your target audiences.

  • Analytics

    Analysis of customer interactions is instrumental in guiding sales and marketing of businesses. The powerful analysis and reporting tools of Business Catalyst enable you to assess your business’s performance through various metrics.

We have designed and developed websites based on Business Catalyst for many of our satisfied customers. We would be glad to do it for you too.

You can find more information on how Business Catalyst will work for your business on our Business Catalyst Specialist page.