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Essential Must-Haves of a Good CMS

Posted on Tuesday, August 27, 2013, by Benjamin Moss

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A good CMS has features which can be easily used by content publishers without advanced skill sets as well as skilled developers. A complex CMS is of no use if you are an every day user, whereas an overly simple CMS may not be able to support a developer who is trying to create unique website features.

Several features like inside-website search, live bookmarking, prolific user interaction features for feedback, newsfeeds, and RSS feeds form the core of a good website and your CMS must be able to make these features as simple to achieve as possible. The Business Catalyst instantly comes to mind when thinking in the light of these requirements.

Three essential features to look for

Several features put together make a CMS user friendly. Below are listed three main features that you should look out for in your CMS.

1. Freedom to reuse content

A good CMS lets you reuse your content through design templates, content tags, or embedded articles so that you can easily manage content with ease. You can also make edits on one document and have them reflected everywhere else on the site or save the content from being labeled as duplicate by search engines.

2. Facility of version control

A good CMS like The Business Catalyst will let you restore your content to a previous version and be your saving grace in the case of faulty over-saves. Version control will also help you easily trace edits and audit trails.

3. Effective content categorization

Well organized and logically categorized content is the primary requirement of any good website. Your CMS system should be able to provide you an effective method of achieving the same. The Business Catalyst is one great example of a CMS that delivers efficiently on each of these fronts. Additionally, it is more search engine friendly and also provides good support, accessibility, proper licensing, and handy training features.

Choosing a CMS that will serve you best will require a comprehensive study of your CMS needs. There is no point in paying for additional functions which are of no use to you. Contact us at Moss Media should you have any queries about choosing the perfect CMS for your business and we will only be happy to help.


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