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Information Technology Services

Providing IT design, integration, and maintenance to companies of all sizes. Window or Macintosh environments including storage, network, backup and security design. Moss Media will design and implement a system specific to your business needs.

Moss Media offers a slew of IT-based services to businesses and corporations. From designing and maintaining business applications to optimizing your database servers, we have the capability to implement IT solutions that can accelerate your company’s growth.

We have an excellent team of software professionals whose vast experience and wealth of IT knowledge helps us in successfully handling technical challenges of different business environments.

Our Offerings

Moss Media is a specialist in delivering IT solutions that help our clients drive their business. With unflinching commitment towards client-satisfaction, we guarantee delivery that meets the expectations of our clients. We work in diverse areas of IT. Here’s a list of the IT-related services we provide:

  • Application Development

    Applications are widely used across different businesses for varying purposes. At Moss Media, we provide application development solutions that cover the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of your applications. With our expertise and experience, we can help you develop, integrate, and maintain applications faster and smarter than anyone else.

    We have worked with both small and big companies and can successfully develop applications that meet your business’s unique requirements.

  • Data Storage and Backup

    Data storage is one of the most pressing challenges faced by businesses today. Businesses need to process large volumes of data virtually every day. There’s data related to employees; then there can be catalogs and inventory records; there will also be records of business transactions to store. Storing all this information is not an easy job.

    We provide data management services to correctly assess your business’s storage infrastructure requirements, and then offer solutions to optimize your databases. We use the best techniques and tools to help you upgrade to newer versions of database while preserving the integrity of your data. We provide backup services to store old business records from your databases.

  • Network Infrastructure

    We deploy and maintain network infrastructure to ensure that the network at your company is primed to provide operational efficiency. Networks can enhance collaboration and communication at your business, and help fuel growth.

  • Security Design

    We help beef up the security measures of your business’s IT systems. We put to use our expertise, proven methods of network security, and the most reliable tools to enhance security around your business operations. Moss Media has enhanced capability to provide custom security solutions to safeguard your data, critical applications, and IT network.

We have designed and developed our IT solutions keeping business situations in mind. If your business has an IT problem, we have the solution for it.

Want to Learn More?

We would love to learn more about your business as well! We love crafting custom solutions to fit our clients individual needs. Contact us for to learn more!