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Information Systems Auditing

Moss Media provides auditing services using the COBIT Framework approved by the ISACA governing body. More information can be found at

Moss Media offers audit control services as per the COBIT framework of ISACA. Auditing of Information Technology (IT) operations assumes a greater role in the face of proliferation of IT-based services and businesses. IT has come to influence businesses of all sizes and of disparate nature – banking, finance, e-commerce, fashion, and many more.

To ensure that your business complies with directives issued by authorities, and does not violate the rules pertaining to IT governance, our professionals audit your IT process and practices in accordance with the COBIT 5 framework. Our auditors evaluate the IT system in place at your business in light of ISACA’s guidelines which represent standard policies for governing and managing IT.

Audit’s Value for Your Business

Effective Information Systems auditing helps and guides businesses towards better IT processes and procedures. At Moss Media, we try to address the following business challenges through our audit services:

  • Enhancing the efficiency of your business – We do this by bringing to your notice any redundancies in your IT operations. We can also help identify outmoded tools and other infrastructure so that you can bring changes to improve your business’s efficiency.
  • Reduce Your Losses – Audits can bring to light gaps in your business operations. Plugging these gaps can help you prevent any further loss in revenue on account of these mistakes. Many times it has been found that loss-making parts of businesses can be turned around through adherence to audit observations.
  • Successfully Meet Objectives Concerning Compliance – Your business’s IT processes need to be compliant with governmental directives for IT enterprise operations. Failure to meet these directives can sometimes have legal consequences.
  • Even if your business is compliant with the latest guidelines on IT management, it’s never a bad idea to be re-assured. Auditing is serious business with important repercussions for your company. We can help audit the IT operations at your company so that you know how your business stands in terms of IT compliance.

Our Auditing Services

Moss Media has an excellent team of audit experts with unrivaled domain knowledge of IT compliance. Our auditors hold various international certifications. They can conduct the following kinds of Information Systems audits for your business:

  • Audits of your data servers and centers
  • Audits of application security
  • Audits of IT infrastructure
  • Audits of data security
  • Audit to ensure compliance with SOX

Our auditing services evaluate the IT part of your business to examine its alignment with your business requirements and conformity with ISACA’s COBIT 5 directives. Our audit experts have helped businesses diagnose problems and mitigate risk in their IT operations. Contact us today to schedule an Information Systems audit with us.

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