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Health Care Information Systems

Moss Media provides health care information system design and deployment, according to HIPAA compliance standards. We leverage our knowledge of the health industry and technology to deliver Information System solutions that help our clients achieve business transformation.

Our healthcare solutions take into account the rules and regulations about sharing of medical data of patients (HIPAA directives) and various other policy directives concerning business to improve the operational efficiency of our clients.

Health Comes First

It’s our belief at Moss Media that information technology and systems should empower medical professionals and health experts in delivering the best services to the patients. Information Systems themselves shouldn’t assume a central role in addressing the medical needs of people. Health of the patients should remain the center of attention.

We design all our healthcare systems towards this end. Our healthcare solutions do their work in the background, making life a little easier for our clients, while professionals go about performing their medical duties.

We collaborate with our clients and come up with solutions that meet their requirements in the most user-friendly way possible.

Why Choose Moss Media for Healthcare Information Systems?

  • Dedicated Expertise

    Our team of healthcare information system experts has a wide experience in providing health-based technology solutions to healthcare businesses. The knowledge of our team coupled with our commitment to client-satisfaction has enabled us to deliver most of our projects before schedule.

  • Wide Range of Capabilities

    We have helped our clients address a variety of healthcare challenges. We have proven capabilities in the following fields:

    • Providing administration solutions for healthcare businesses
    • Providing analytics and reporting to our clients
    • Providing management of health information – we have worked extensively with Electronic Health Records or EHRs and Electronic Medical Records or EMRs.
  • Application Development That is End-to-End

    We offer application development that encompasses the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - beginning with design and system integration to maintenance of applications.

  • Data Storage and Migration Services

    Health centers grapple with data storage problems all the time. We offer our database expertise to examine your database infrastructure and optimize it for enhanced operational efficiency. We provide data migration services in case your database needs an upgrade to the latest version. We help our clients take a backup of their old data as well.

  • Security Services

    We use the most powerful security tools and features to strengthen security of healthcare business applications and networks. We help our clients put necessary safeguards in place to protect confidential and sensitive data.

We have helped improve business operations and drive growth for many of our clients through our healthcare solutions. We help businesses reduce costs and achieve impressive growth. Contact us to derive benefits of our healthcare information systems solutions.

Want to Learn More?

We would love to learn more about your business as well! We love crafting custom solutions to fit our clients individual needs. Contact us for to learn more!